Nothing in particular
Well it's beena week in the new land and I have begun to feel a little more oriented. Although I am loathe to report that I have been assigned the task of actually having to deal with the local offspring as part of my training. More often then not this is a relatively enjoyable thing to do but this week for some reason haas been torture. I am sure they are bound and determined to test my breaking point. I suspect this is one of those tests the Gods that be throw at us to make us better beings some how?!

Not only that, I have been assigned under the authority of Glwentihenn, the ruling male in this sector. Or so he thinks. It did not take me long using my wiles to have things the way I want them. Yet another constant distraction but I must say he has his uses ;)

The snowy landscape here is fast becoming insufferable and I long to feel the warm suns of spring upon my naked flesh. I suppose one must trudge through the frigidness a little bit longer before we are rewarded with the musky, mud like scents of spring.

I can feel lately that my other manifestations are aching to have a turn. I have not allowed them yet to be seen here until I am more confortable with my surroundings. I suspect that soon they will all show their true colours;)

Until later, maybe I will muse some more mostly for my own self indulgent entertainment.

Learning that sitting at the computer in a slumped position makes the coccyx ache. (keep your minds out of the gutter)
Learning that life is far more interesting then I first imagined. If I can remember my first imaginings :)
Learning that your offspring can make you feel hate and love all at the same time.
Learning that I have missed many of my friends and have been a recluse for far to long.
Learning that the mind is a beautiful thing if you use it, otherwise its just another pile of fat cells;)

Greetings from Athasia
Through the darkness and turmoil of a tortured mind I have wandered into this new landscape for the first time. As I assess my surroundings I am reminded of a time long ago. It was shortly after I left the Crystal Palace and set out on my own in the world. That day opened many doors and closed others. Never again would I be able to retreat into the comfortable womblike warmth of childhood when the universe seemed to be closing in on me. But then again, I was able to finally spread my wings and taste the essence of life in a way I had never done before. Albeit, the flavour at times was rather bitter, but then that is the way of the world and I learned to swallow.

As I mull this new landscape at this time the images from the past and the unknown folds that the future holds circle rapidly before me. Will the lessons learned adhere well enough to my grey matter that I will be able to use them in similar encounters. Or, will I again have to be pulled through the murky waters before I can again enter the gates of the Crystal Palace?

I know that there are those here who know of me. Some have met only one the forms I take.l Others know me better and have met with a few of my manifestations. I hope that this place lets me truly release all my manifestations and finally settle in a place where they will all merge into the one true from only I know still hides inside.

Greetings all! I hope the days and weeks ahead are interesting and thought provoking for all.



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