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This time
well another evening , another bottle or wine.... Yippee
Spting sprung and the tan is nice.. I am feeling like the world is out of my control and whatever happes happens for a reason.

Glenn is still in St.Jean and only home on weekends. I think I am going crazy managing my kids all the imte ( all 4) tristan is the big challenge. Love him to death but it may be the death of me.

Got the garden in, tomatoes, green peppers, corn, beans, carrots and peas so far as long as the local critters stay away all will be fine. Have some shrubs and flowers in the front bed this year too. Looks nice. Feeling more homey and back to earth and finally away form the high tech obsession and always on the comp. Mind you still have to get on there for $$$$$$$. Life.

At peace with Glennie, we are who we are and we love each other and that is all that really matters... ( well great sex certaily helps) for me anyway, he seems to enjoy it although I kow its not enough for him.... sigh again

Eve is driving more now and I think she is doing great! She applied to work at the Lonestar opening in Kanata this summer today. She was the last applicant theytook , nmber 171, and she got the second interview.. way to go!

I have work to do so far so I am happy, I am pissed with car issues.. we bought a '88 Prelude that supposedly only needed fluids and a new tire, after a new key circuit, new fuel pum[p, new fuel pump circuit, new fuikds, tanks ripped off and on it STILL does not work. Now the onboard comp is fried it seems. We got screwed A cost saing measure turned into a money pit. sigh again. Anyone have a car that will run for at least the next two years cheap?

I have been making my own wine at Defalco's opnce a month , what a mistake;) hahahha cheaper but you sure use it up faster!!

Well today is hump day and I have no one to hump with!! What is it with women at this age? Always ready and primed HHAHAHAh So where are all the primed 18+ year old boys? I am willing to show them the ropes... sigh again. life

I am happy. life is good, would be voting PC had they NOT joined with the Reform, now who knows, met Joe Clark at the airport a fw weeks ago and I guess there is no choice other then the lesser of the two evils. Hate this election, No real worthy choices. But everyone should still get out and vote!! Otherwise you have no right to bitch late.

Enough for tonight.. I reall should post more but who wants to hear it anyway.


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Julia + Wine....its like Roger + Peanut butter, the two seem to go hand in hand...

I would have voted Natural Law party, but they were de-registered :( Communist party here I come!!! :)

Yes you should post more...I WANT to hear it!! :P

Miss you tons!!!

Rog & Mike

How swwet Roger:) So now yo uwill be subjected to my inceastant babbling

babble babble

I love summer

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