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Promises promises
Well end of last year I promised to post more and I suppose I am not keeping up my end. Of course I have been busy with more work ( coming in and that is a GOOD thing, plus the usual, plus kids , plus plus...

Although I do have report some things are no LONGER PLUS!! On October 6th I decided enough is enough and went on a great weightloss program. By Dec 9th I was down 44 lbs and currently I am down 58 lbs and MUCh happier:) I have changed my lifestyle SO much this is never coming back I have been able to loose some and maintain since I stopped the "formal" program in Dec and am very pleased with myself. I suppose I would like to loose about 5 more to be "perfect"but I am happy and beleive that will come once I get back to working out more instead of sitting in front of the computer designing web pages... ah well spring is in the air and I will come out of hibernation shortly.. I really hate the winter cold, only like those sunny days just barely below freezing.

WellI will keep it short as I have to run and WILL check in here more often....!!! YES I WILL!!

Take care all and I hope the new year finds you all well and happy!


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Yay for more postings!!!

I cant believe its been like Nov since ive seen you and you looked great then i can only imagine now? Maybe enough to turn me str8?? :)

Yes, we expect you out and about this summer!!!

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