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It is warmer
I have to learn to check here more often. So much to do so little time. Nice to see the dead grass making an appearance. Good thing the sump pumps work. New diet is finally working now that I am over my winter blahs and blues. A few more weeks and I will be ready to hit the town again. Was at the Lookout on Wednesday but not for long. turning 40 next week and feeling a bit strange about it. Seems the body ages bu the mind is jammed at 28. Perhaps I should apply for the new reality show where you can get all nipped and tucked and fixed ;) HHAHAHA

So back to tending my minions. Maybe I will move up the beating day to use up some of this excess energy!:)

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your only as old as you feel hun :)

And coming from me, i think you have the mentality of a 24 year old :) Which is a good thing!!!

Give me some hints and tips about that new diet of yours, ive been ordered by Mike to lose 15lbs before Mexico and i might actually try....

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