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Sunday Snow
Brrr.. this is March? Where is spring? The robin outside is frozen. The snow piles at the end of our roadway are taller then us. A winter wonderland. I am ready for the sun. Hello, this is the Earth me, in reality. March break, aahh what will I do to entertain the munchkins.


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were leaving for Mexico in 7 weeks, joining???? :)

Paying my way??!!!!

You know id be good for it, but I already have to pay for Mike....ill just have to sneak you into my luggage :)

:(:( Wel at least bring me back some tequila:)

BTW I have been uploading stuff on your site today:) Good little slave that I am!

Tequila??? OMG woman your nuts.... ill keep my eyes out on something though, since you've been such a well behaved slave lately :)

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