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wow... so many social sites.. so little time.. I have always liked this one as is more of a diary type of site without the hype.. :) maybe again I will explore it more...

So I forgot
Mr Dukey :) You nudged me and I remembered.. so hard to find time to actually talk about myself with all the things I have to do for others.. Doctor said I should take me time and take care of myself.. who has the motivation or inclination anymore? What is the point exactly? Sigh.... I guess the point is to be here for my kids at least.. spring is coming ... I will try..


Well....yipeee......I have arranged an escape for this weekend to T.O. Will be standing on the 401 awaiting my ride;)Time? Where?



Well it's been a little while again and not much new besides going CRAZY ;)

I did the little stalker thing

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This time
well another evening , another bottle or wine.... Yippee
Spting sprung and the tan is nice.. I am feeling like the world is out of my control and whatever happes happens for a reason.

Glenn is still in St.Jean and only home on weekends. I think I am going crazy managing my kids all the imte ( all 4) tristan is the big challenge. Love him to death but it may be the death of me.

Got the garden in, tomatoes, green peppers, corn, beans, carrots and peas so far as long as the local critters stay away all will be fine. Have some shrubs and flowers in the front bed this year too. Looks nice. Feeling more homey and back to earth and finally away form the high tech obsession and always on the comp. Mind you still have to get on there for $$$$$$$. Life.

At peace with Glennie, we are who we are and we love each other and that is all that really matters... ( well great sex certaily helps) for me anyway, he seems to enjoy it although I kow its not enough for him.... sigh again

Eve is driving more now and I think she is doing great! She applied to work at the Lonestar opening in Kanata this summer today. She was the last applicant theytook , nmber 171, and she got the second interview.. way to go!

I have work to do so far so I am happy, I am pissed with car issues.. we bought a '88 Prelude that supposedly only needed fluids and a new tire, after a new key circuit, new fuel pum[p, new fuel pump circuit, new fuikds, tanks ripped off and on it STILL does not work. Now the onboard comp is fried it seems. We got screwed A cost saing measure turned into a money pit. sigh again. Anyone have a car that will run for at least the next two years cheap?

I have been making my own wine at Defalco's opnce a month , what a mistake;) hahahha cheaper but you sure use it up faster!!

Well today is hump day and I have no one to hump with!! What is it with women at this age? Always ready and primed HHAHAHAh So where are all the primed 18+ year old boys? I am willing to show them the ropes... sigh again. life

I am happy. life is good, would be voting PC had they NOT joined with the Reform, now who knows, met Joe Clark at the airport a fw weeks ago and I guess there is no choice other then the lesser of the two evils. Hate this election, No real worthy choices. But everyone should still get out and vote!! Otherwise you have no right to bitch late.

Enough for tonight.. I reall should post more but who wants to hear it anyway.


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Promises promises
Well end of last year I promised to post more and I suppose I am not keeping up my end. Of course I have been busy with more work (mywebgrrl.ca) coming in and that is a GOOD thing, plus the usual, plus kids , plus plus...

Although I do have report some things are no LONGER PLUS!! On October 6th I decided enough is enough and went on a great weightloss program. By Dec 9th I was down 44 lbs and currently I am down 58 lbs and MUCh happier:) I have changed my lifestyle SO much this is never coming back I have been able to loose some and maintain since I stopped the "formal" program in Dec and am very pleased with myself. I suppose I would like to loose about 5 more to be "perfect"but I am happy and beleive that will come once I get back to working out more instead of sitting in front of the computer designing web pages... ah well spring is in the air and I will come out of hibernation shortly.. I really hate the winter cold, only like those sunny days just barely below freezing.

WellI will keep it short as I have to run and WILL check in here more often....!!! YES I WILL!!

Take care all and I hope the new year finds you all well and happy!


MUCH MUCH too long
Well, I cannot believe it. March is the last time I posted. SO much has happened and so fast. Things seem to be on a slight upswing finally. All my time got sucked up organizing and fighting to stop the buyout of Corel in Ottawa by Vector In California. We fought and we lost, for now. I feel like it was a HUGE waste of my spring and summer. Such a gorgeous summer too from what I saw from the window by my computer. It's a sin to live 30 sec walk from a nice beach on the Ottawa River and to have only hung out on it twice this summer!!! Not to mention my kids did not see me much either. Bitch bitch

Many of you may know that we have been through some tough times lately and I have to say that I think I was actually clinically depressed over the last 2 years with everything that was happening. For 2 years hubbie could not find a contract so he finally decided to join back up with the Forces. They finally called him in August and he shipped out for Basic to St. Jean, Quebec Sept 6th! SO I have been managing the house and 4 kids alone for a month now and its not too too bad. Sure make it harder to get out though. Today in particular the kids are driving me crazy and I have locked myself away in my office with the computer.

Hubbie is doing very well in St. Jean, the average age of his platoon is in the high 20's, he is 40 and has whipped their asses in most of the physical stuff:) I hear from him on ocassion but not often enough. He sounds happy and is actually enjoying the basci!:) First weekend in October is the first time is is allowed off base so I cannot wait to see him!! IT HAS BEEN 4 WEEKS!!!! Once he is done his basic in December he will be off for more training either to Borden or Gagetown, not sure, and them possible back to St. Jean for more French language training and then to wherever they post him. I cannot wait to see him at his graduation in his uniform and all:) YUM YUM

I have n ot been out with my friends ( if I have any left ) in a long long time and as much as I feel it would be nice to party like in the old days when it comes down to it I really no longer feel like the bar scene thing. I much perfer to get together with a groups of close friends somewhere and hang out and chat and be silly. I need to find myself a reliable babysitter so that POSSIBLY I could tear myself away some evenings.

I also have neglected working out since June when my work out buddy went back to Lebanon for the summer. She is back now but her hubby is visiting until Tuesday so then we are going to start back at it.

My family is driving me crazy lately as most families so I think. Way to long and involved to get into hear. Funniest part thought is, for all of you you remember the fun days. My sister back then sat me down and talked down to me for 4 hours straight about my horrible lifestyle, my horible friends, and what a bad person and mother I was for the things I did. BLAH BLAH. Well shortly after that she got herself a girlfriend ( something she thougth was disgusting) and then had her move in with them and NOW after she kicked her husband out, moved the kid 4 times in as many years and bought a house with her girlfriend she still says that she is NOT a lesbian and that this is different and the OTHER week I hear she and gf are entertaining 20 year old boys for fun. My how things have changes. But that is different I guess since my life was horrid and evil and hers is perfect. BLAH BLAH what a LAUGH!!!! ;)

Funny thing I have come full circle and even thought I have nothing against sometimes having fun with my girlfriends my heart and soul belongs completely to my hubbie, Glenn. I hope the training time goes by quickly and we will be able to be together more often again as I miss him intensly. He is my best friend and my soulmate.

Well I guess I am makign up for not posting for so long. I promise that I will try to be more regular. I last few "family" friends I had in town up and moved out to Hudson in Quebec so now I will have to drop in when I visit my Uncles in Beaconsfield. They always where able to get me out downtown for some fun. I hope they are enjoying their new home and take time together to enjoy each other.

My daughter is in grade 11 now and busy of course with school, her social life and her job hostessing at Marshies at the Corel Centre. She is an amazing beautiful, brainy girl who has her act together and I am extremely proud of her. The second, boy is in grade 7 now!!! Age almost 13 with all the hormones kicking in big time. All I hear about is hot girls. hot girls. hot girls.... yikes!!!:) THe other two boys, 8 and 5 now are in grade 3 and SK. All kids are doing extremely well at school and are pretty good most of the time.

Son number one used to be on ADHD medication until this June when in frustration I threw it out never to be seen again and not only has he grow more and is eating and sleeping better, he is behaving better too!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and his asthma seems to have decreased. I am so happy. I hate taking any sort of medications, much less giving it to any of my kids!!!

So now my days are mostly get kids off to school, go work out, work on the web sites I continue getting work for, take time to watch a bit of TV ( finally got cable again after 2 years last friday) and back to reading more again!! Then kids come home , homework, supper, activities, bedtimes. Then I work a bit more, relax and pass out with my friend the TV.

I also seem to have become obsessed with cleaning up, for those who know I never realy was!! Now the laundry is a daily thing, as is vacumming and the house is mostly immaculate all the time. Feel much nicer and gives me something to do to pass the time I am missing Glennie:(:(

Well, what more can I say. I turned 40 this year and did not have a freak out about it. I feel like we are starting over with all out debt finally cleared, Glenn starting in the forces and starting saving from scratch again. I am very happy to be mostly out of the high tech crazy. I am so sick of tech talk. I love the outdoors, taking time to go for walks, watching the sunsets and sunrises, playing with my kids, reading a good book and justing doing what feels right.

Ok, enough babbling to catch up. Who reads all this anyway.No one I bet. At least it lets me get things out of my system when I do not have an adult around to talk too these days.

I will be posting more often though not this long!!!!!

Ciao for now


It is warmer
I have to learn to check here more often. So much to do so little time. Nice to see the dead grass making an appearance. Good thing the sump pumps work. New diet is finally working now that I am over my winter blahs and blues. A few more weeks and I will be ready to hit the town again. Was at the Lookout on Wednesday but not for long. turning 40 next week and feeling a bit strange about it. Seems the body ages bu the mind is jammed at 28. Perhaps I should apply for the new reality show where you can get all nipped and tucked and fixed ;) HHAHAHA

So back to tending my minions. Maybe I will move up the beating day to use up some of this excess energy!:)

Sunday Snow
Brrr.. this is March? Where is spring? The robin outside is frozen. The snow piles at the end of our roadway are taller then us. A winter wonderland. I am ready for the sun. Hello, this is the Earth me, in reality. March break, aahh what will I do to entertain the munchkins.



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